Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quite a project!!

I picked up the house I bought on ebay for $50.  It's one of those clip together type homes.. still I like it, it has character.  A HUGE project though really, it'll be going away till I finish one of the others first, I can look at it and plan in the meantime.  I need another room to put all this stuff! Anyway here are some detailed pics.  As you can see there are bits broken and so on.. will be fun making this into something special!


  1. Wow SOOOO much potential....ok a lot of work but wow how much fun are you going to have with this :)

  2. ooooooooooo love it...hard to get here too!!! love The Pierce...cant wait to see how you transform her :D Linda x

  3. Oooh it has a name? Thanks Linda!! That will give me something to go on! It's going to be fun! Just going to sit with another one for a little while but now I have a name I can get even more ideas :) Like Kez said.. so much potential!