Thursday, May 12, 2011

A gift from afar, purchases and plans...

Firstly, my gift from afar! My beloved Sister-in-law is a passionate mini producer aswell! I asked her if she'd mind purchasing some goodies for me that I couldn't get enough of here where I live.  Not only did she deliver, but she sent me some surprises!!  Most hand made, the intricate work is amazing! Her blog is here:

Kez has so much more patience than me and is doing some amazing work!!
Thank you for the gifts, and for the extra shopping you did for me xxxx

 A lesson in READING instructions first! Was making these little kit lamp tables by the house of miniatures.. (link is broken?).. didn't read.. so yes, should have done the feet first!! They'll work.. I promise!

 An ebay purchase which will go perfectly with my new kitchen!!

 My pile of books.. well some of them.. guess I should get to work and create something good!!

 Bedroom carpet and border....

 Railing kit from afar.. for the top of my stairs :)))

 Oooh bad photo - but a corner table still in the works.. so far only put together and stained..

 Some tiny tiny containers for handles and other tiny bits!

 for carpet or walls.. not sure yet.. i liked this!

the reason my sons call me THE MINI HOARDER!! OMG............

 oh.. upstairs hoarding.. in the big black box is my 1:12 scale motorbike in construction LOL
the star box is a busy box.. full of little bits and pieces!

For whatever.. picnic rugs, tablecloths.. not sure  yet ;-)

Above: The love of my life LOL - ok.. maybe not.. but part of the reason I haven't really been attentive.. new car!!
And below - Kez and I have a beautiful new nephew!!! Awww he's just gorgeous!

So.. I have booked lunch on Saturday, and lunch on Sunday - and now with all this stuff, I don't want to go to either!! UGH!! I'll make them brief and get back home to achieve something! Thanks to Kez I can now continue on my quest to finish the girls bedroom, and I have borrowed a paper cutter from work to prepare the wallpaper for my lounge room (living room?) - ooh I'm loving how that's going to look!

 Hopefully I can upload some real progress in the next couple of days!


  1. ¡Cuanto trabajo por delante!. La última miniatura (Kez) es la más bonita, enhorabuena. Un saludo, Eva

  2. Wow youve been busy O_o is that house the one you bought to fix up? if so it already looks 100x better :).Yes our new nephew is really cute ...just like his brother :)

  3. Yes that's the house.. more work on it today.. considered it'd be better to experiment on this than the 'new' one.. get things right and then finish the other one (oh and start the other one I have LOL)