Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another project

Ebay is a very dangerous place! Not satisfied to only own one home.. and a smaller building not yet started.. had to go shopping.  Today I picked up a renovation job too.  I have firm plans for this home and can't wait to get started! Still.. I mustn't neglect the one already in progress and MUST get a start on the 'Lisa's cottage' project too!

Anyway here's my purchase!

I also went to a local op shop the other day - always drop in for a look for materials and nick nacks that could be useful and found a scarf that will be perfect for curtains for one of my rooms in the other house - $1!


  1. wow looks bigger than I thought....huge project but great fun :) love the fabric too

  2. The rooms are more satisfyingly large in this house than the other one, will be able to fit things in better. Yes it's huge.. and will be awesome to do up!

  3. oooooo i saw that on ebay too :D great project!! congrats :D Linda x

  4. Love a renovation! This is the perfect house for that! You will have so much fun fixing it up! Great find!