Monday, April 25, 2011

On the go.... yet unfinished!

Does anyone know what this tree is? I love it!!! It's about 8ft tall, just beautiful.  anyway this blog isn't about trees is it!

Chest of Drawers made over the last few days, didn't like the handles that came in the kit (I can't seem to do them) so bought these.  the books on top I made aswell - far from perfect and need to be 'resized' which I'll do tomorrow when there is more light. 
Gotta hate power saving light bulbs :((
A tiny wallet, made out of a box from some aftershave that looked like leather.  LOL

Some painting.  The room is going to be the master bedroom.  No idea what kind of carpet will go in there yet!  The colours don't show 'as they are' due to it being dark, but you get the general idea yes? I don't have a steady hand.. it shows.. but I will perfect it in time :)

Two other rooms in painting progress.... boys room and girls room.

My choice of curtains for the master bedroom.  The bed is black. should look nice I hope!  I WILL finish painting the window!

Glad to have done a few things!!!!


  1. wow shaping up really quickly :) the chest looks great and the tree/bush is a lilac

  2. i think the tree is a mountain pepper? dunno for sure looks sorta like it maybe lol heres a link anyways like what you've done so far :D Linda x

  3. ooo a lilac you say Kez...well yeah could be !!! theres lots of pics out there that could be it ...i give up lol lets go with lilac its pretty and i am useless at plants :D Linda x

  4. well the berries have proved me wrong so i guess youll have to keep looking