Sunday, March 27, 2011

For the front deck......

Earth hour,  8.30 pm on Saturday Night - candles lit, lights off!
This is my favorite Dragon! I have a
nice little collection building :)  
Anyway.. this is not what my blog is about is it.. onward......

I've been wanting to deal with my wheelie bin for a while, and had some coasters (see earlier posts) I needed a use for.  But I had this little idea in mind, and it didn't dawn on me till today that I could use them for this project.. I pulled them apart... and...

Made a little trellis.....

Anyway, I put this together for the trellis and fern.. and built the planter -  and grubbed up the wheelie bin, and burnt the chipped off bit (my wheelie bin is actually burnt,so figured it might be a good idea to soften a sharp edge)

 To fill the planter, I used (omg lol?) some air drying clay so the trellis would set in it.. then covered it in glue and added from my front garden some ultra fine pine bark.  I'm pretty happy with the end result, it is what I had pictured in my mind :))

It was SO refreshing to be able to actually do something for ME instead of the family for a day!  I hope to have many more days like this.. chores were left undone.. who cares! :P


  1. WOW fantastic they look really good :)see what a nudge can do lol

  2. so thats the kit you are going to do the converion on wow lot of work but you can do it will look great!

  3. Te ha quedado muy natural y muy bonito, precioso trabajo. Un saludo, Eva