Sunday, January 29, 2012

MOJO returns!

Finally!! Decided to get a couple of kits out - I have a vast collection of "The house of Miniatures" kits to work on :) I LOVE them - they are teaching me SO much - and with all my dremel tools, hopefully in due course, I can design my own furniture and make it :) In the meantime - newbie that I am.. I did do a little this weekend ::

the first thing I needed to do was make friends with the wincy little screwdriver.  My hands don't work as well as they used to :((  Experienced a lot of  feelings of paralysation :( Darn.. arthritis is setting in bigtime now LOL - anyway - we managed to soldier on...

My adorable Dremel Table was Sensational in the makings of this piece!!! I actually used furniture repair pens to colour this too.. I'm SO in love with them! So easy and mess free!

and of course.. my whatever you call those thingumies.. ;-)

So.. this was my biggest struggle :( Tiny stuff, that my hands won't co-operate with.  Took me about 2 hours to get these darn hinges in - but.. VOILA!!!

The almost finished product.. I want to get a coat of laquer onto it now :) I was SOOO proud of myself for completing this, it was realllllly difficult for me.  LOL I hope I'm ok for work tomorrow ;-) *who cares* Oh that little hammer, was to put the knobs into the drawers.  That was a process in itself.. LOL I have a rather warped thumbnail now hahaha!  I love this piece though, will be lovely in one of my bedrooms.. or something :)

Also made another House of Miniatures piece - the chippendale chair.  I didn't like the blue.  Granted, my chair isn't half as pristine as the one in the pic, but it's done.. and I quite like it.  No.. there is no glue on it poking out - the white bits you see in places are actually the pattern on the material LOL (Yes I looked at it critically just for you) - although, my cutting and so on.. could have been much much better - all a learning experience but pretty happy with the outcome.. a few pics just to show each angle and some light :)

Great to be back into it anyway - another project on the go already - and next weekend 'one' of my many houses will be brought out here to the living area to work on and hopefully complete.. and perhaps even put in the doll house show here in July :)

Oh.. ONE more thing..
We have an infestation of moths in our house.  It's gross!! We also have the larvae!!! SOMEHOW - one managed to get into the LID of my tiniest cutter.. HOW? I will never know.. but omg...

Hope everyone is well.. I notice a few new followers - I welcome you! I'm not very expert on blogger and don't keep records, but the more the merrier!!
Happy Mini-ing! xxxx


  1. So happy to hear your mojo has returned ...and with a vengance by the look of your weekends work :) Love the blanket box would look fantastic anywhere! The difference a change of fabric made to the chair is amazing :) very very nice xxx you should feel proud of how much you achieved this weekend xxx wonderful :)

  2. Wow!!you sure have been busy. The blanket box is fantastic, you have finished it perfectly and the chair is truly beautiful. I love your choice of fabric for it. Aren't all the mini tools great. I also have a magnifying light on an adjustable arm, I use it all the time and can't believe how much more I can see when looking through it, the eye-sight isn't great any-more. Take care, Sandie.