Monday, January 9, 2012

A little pinky promise?

Lame attempt at a play on words.  I did work on something.. and I should have 'fixed' a little problem (which you'll notice) before I did it.. but I didn't.. I wanted something PINK!  So here tis.. for a little girls room that is in progress:

A while back I mentioned I'd like to make a little postal outlet.. well I ordered this AGES ago.. (and forgot about it) and it arrived today! I don't think it's 1:12.. but the wonders of reprinting.... could help ;-)

So.. nothing to do with anything, this is part of where I work.. the guy closest to us is one of my bosses.. he is a classic OCD - I had arranged all these tubs 'neatly' and he was redoing them, so I took a pic so I could get it right for him tomorrow (we had a lot of laughs over it) - the guy in the background is scanning parcels awaiting collection.  I work in a mail delivery centre.

That's it for now - but I am working on some more bits and pieces.. just wanted to pacify those who think I've given up.  Been on leave for 2 weeks and I totally relaxed and wasted time.. nothing 'really' wrong with that I guess? ;-)

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  1. youre going to have fun with the post office bits :) I hope you manage to get them the right scale. Pretty pink dresser Im sure it will fit in your girls room wonderfully . Relaxing is not wasting work hard a deserved the break, I hope your holidays de stressed you a little xxx