Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Almost there..

This is a pic taken from the bottom of my backyard.. our 'creek' is more of a river.  It's stunning and so much wildlife! Every time I walk down there ducks come from everywhere, so they're obviously used to being fed.  I am looking into what is 'good' for them.. rather than the usual 'bread' throwings ppl give.. it's not healthy! We also feed regularly a magpie family, a pair of butcher birds, and a pair of minah birds (sp?)

That bridge.. leads to the beach - it's only a 2 minute walk!! The beach stretches for miles!! - beautiful! :)

 - oh and can't forget the darn ringtail possum who lives in my ceiling - she ate my fuschias and I'm shattered!

I LOVE taking photo's so have also taken on a diploma in photography course - a lot of fun, and will help with my picture taking of miniatures for sure :) 

Hoping to finish unpacking this weekend, I'm back at work so things have slowed, but can't re-commence work on my minis till I get things organised a bit! 


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