Thursday, June 6, 2013

Moving house...

Oh yes.. the title says it all.. we're moving house!! Found a nice place.. 3 bedrooms upstairs, bathroom for son and I.. lovely balcony.. workshop (think dremel).. dog welcome.. bird also welcome.. central.. public transport.. BEAUTIFUL backyard (needs work) that flows into a river/creek.. with boat access.. bird baths.. dreamy (in my mind).. and a flat (apartment) downstairs for my older one.. with his own bathroom/kitchen/laundry/bedroom/lounge etc..
if I'm quiet.. I'm packing...and moving. :) SOOO happy to have found this place!! *I* think it's perfect!! Oh.. did I mention?? it's about 3minutes from the beach!!!
I have some changes to make.. new curtains, curtain rails (small windows - stretch them), and a new door on the workspace (it's awesome - powered and all).. and a bit of paint here and there :) But nothing major, the interior is perfect..
New beginnings :))


  1. Hello MiniAussie,
    Congratulations onf inding the perfect place. i am very happy for you. Good luck with the move, I hope it goes well.
    Big hug,

    1. Thank you Giac.. it's a very old home.. not perfect, but I see some happy days there, the garden area will be whimsical when we're done with it! Perfect solution for my boys and I. I have a 23yo who works full time but isn't quite ready to fledge.. and a 17yo (who is readier) - much more room than we have here! A boat is in order, from the creek area we can access the bay. Going to be a lot of fun! :)

  2. It sounds really lovely. Hope all goes well with the move and that you can settle in and enjoy!!
    Hugs, Vicki.