Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mystery Box - 1st of the year :)

Woah what a challenge.. tiny stuff! Kez sent over a tea cup, saucer & plate.  I instantly knew what I would be doing with it.. just putting it together was quite a challenge for me, 
I don't handle tiny well!!
Firstly.. I employed the love of my life Ted LOL to hang around and keep me company..

Threw in a spinner here.. the makings of a handle.. well 2.. more on that later..This is to be used in my sewing project - life size this time. A new blog has been made for sewing to keep subjects in the right place LOL

Borrowed some landscaping stuff from my son - he paints warhammer figurines.. (thanks Tom)

I didn't take progress shots.. This has been drying for 24 hrs and is still a little damp.. so I can't tip it up to get rid of the excess.. but here's the finished product (although I see I have a few areas to touch up now! GRRR)

It was a LOT of fun!! Thanks Kez! Oh dear, from this angle it looks rather wonky! The bits on the table are supposed to be glasses.. one of them is broken.  Perhaps could have done better there LOL - oh this pic is minus the outside trees.  The tree inside the cup is made from wire and some tiny tiny ivy I bought from Toms favorite store he gets his goodies from. 
Looking at it now.. it's overdone - *sigh* Oh well.. it's here now! 

I haven't even begun to think about the next mystery box bits & pieces.. but will get onto that this week!


  1. Gorgeous LOVE it ...amazing the different results!

  2. Fantastic! I love to see the results of your challanges.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. I like your creation.
    Hugs, Faby

  4. Great result - you've been very creative. You can't say now that you don't do tiny! You've done tiny very well indeed :) Hugs, Sandie (

  5. Hello Miniaussie,
    Great work. i looks beautiful.
    big hug,