Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Things that make you go hmmm.....

LOL ok.. false heading.. perhaps.  I'm still around.. and working on my project.. but because it's a bit of a surprise.. I'm not going to show any more pics for a little bit.. :) Been doing bits here and there, but of course with Christmas on the way, my job is keeping me really busy.

Monday (yesterday to me) was SOOO busy, everyone must have decided last weekend that Christmas cards needed to go out!! We are getting SO many! But.. ordinary postie mail delivery isn't where the company money is at.. seems that everyone is shopping online.  The parcel load is insane!

Thankfully, my job doesn't involve either of these things at the moment, however I work with mail redirections and customer complaints primarily - oh wow.. they're coming in thick and fast!! Yes.. people are going away for Christmas.. OR moving house (that reminds me.. got a place i need to look up with a massive garage!).  Keeping me busy but at least *I* get to come home early.. unlike the posties who are working very very long days in any weather.

Don't forget to tip your postman for Christmas!!! they're not paid a huge wage.. they deliver every single day :)

My tree is finally up and decorated and I have the Xmas club savings voucher for Xmas lunch - it's looking good so far :)

Happy silly season!!

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